Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Journey from Ballet to Zumba to CIZE: A Review

When I first saw the ads for Cize, the new workout series from Shaun T, I thought "been there, tried that." Seriously, I have tried to commit to doing Zumba every day and I sucked at the commitment. I would have to drive all the way to my gym, which is a could 25 minutes away from my apartment, and then my favorite instructors wouldn't even be there!

I don't know about any of you, but I have always been a bit uncoordinated. Yet, I have always loved dancing. I started ballet, tap, and jazz at a young age like most young girls and I loved it. As a kid it made me feel the emotions of the music and helped me express those emotions. I would get into the music and the moves, but I never really had the grace to move properly. In fact, Iv have probably always been a pretty bad dancer. My mom once told me that I always had the look of a ballerina, aka long and skinny, but then she would see me dance and realize I had no rhythm.
Some pics of me in all of my old dance costumes. 
In college, I would go to dances and dance parties religiously. We would get all dressed up and head out to go dancing, and it would make me feel alive! I had my friends try to teach me new ways to dance like all of my Latin friends teaching me some Latin dances. That's what lead me to try Zumba. I had already started learning Latin dancing and working on swaying my hips by the time I had gotten to my first Zumba class. I was enthusiastic and felt committed to doing the dance classes every day. I loved it at first. Going every day they offered it at the various gyms near me. However, I felt like I was never really learning the movements or getting the same flow that I saw other girls getting. Everyone who attended the classes with me got it. They had that grace that I still didn't have and it was frustrating! I thought that if I attended the Zumba classes consistently and kept at it, I would have at least gotten a hang of the dances, but I didn't. I struggled with it to the point where I stopped going. 

About a year later and 30 lbs later, I was depressed and felt awful. I was sluggish and decided to give Zumba a second shot. I bought a gym membership and decided to make the commitment to go every day the class was offered. However, that soon turned into a mess as the instructors I felt were really good for my learning style would constantly quit. I would finally get into the groove of things and then they would no longer be teaching at my gym. That's when I turned to the 21 Day Fix. 

From there, I discovered a new program that was going to be out in the next month or so. They had a free sneak peek of the new program on their On Demand site. It was a dance focused exercise program that promised to give you results. I decided to try it for the first time today, and I might even dare to say it was life changing! I felt like I was getting the one-on-one attention that I never got from previous dance based exercise class. It awoke the little dancer in me I thought I had forgotten. It was fun. It was easy. It was everything I have been searching for in an exercise program. 

One of the best benefits of this program is that I can't compare myself to others around me. I don't feel like everyone is watching me clunk around. I can feel confident and learn the moves in a judgement free zone. It's just me and my computer screen.

That's why I have decided to purchase the Cize program for myself. It is going to be an amazing program to have in my collection and is going to lead me to better results. I highly recommend everyone try it out! In August, there will be a Test Group that any of you can join if you purchase the Challenge Pack. There is limited spaces for 3 people to join me in this test group. If you want to challenge yourself and try this program, contact me today and I will get you into the group!